Why you need a 12-month career-focused course for September 2022, rather than a 3-year undergraduate degree.

I know it’s not what you’re used to hearing but hear us out.

For the last decade university has been pushed on to students as the ‘safest’ option, in fact its been pushed as the only option which will lead to earning the big bucks in a career…when in reality what it really means is students are applying for oversubscribed courses which hold very little value when it comes to the big wide world of work. There we said it. Now lets move on to why a career-focused course can be better for some students (noticed we said ‘can’ and ‘some’).

Career-focused courses are designed to prepare students for future of work in their chosen field, through the development of skills and knowledge in the industry they plan to head in to with small class sizes and close relationships with tutors. Choosing a course with a specific industry focus means that the curriculum can be developed in collaboration with businesses and employers, ensuring the content is relevant and usable. Sound useful? We think so.

But you’re worried about missing out on the student lifestyle I hear you cry – well don’t be because by studying in Oxford (you may have heard of it) means that you are unable to AVOID living the student lifestyle! Especially as here at OMBS you get the option of staying in one of our student houses!
Actually, to quote Millie in this video (definitely worth a watch!) – “make sure to bring your social socks!”

Who are we?

Well, we are an outstanding alternative to university, an independent business school in the heart of Oxford city with a history spanning over 30 years. We teach The Professional Business Diploma to students who see themselves eventually going into a career in various disciplines, Marketing, Property, Finance, Event Management, Interior Design etc and many of our graduates have made waves as entrepreneur’s, building businesses from the off.

Why not university?
We never say never, and some of our students do go on to study an undergraduate degree, or even come to us as graduates – see Issy discuss joining OMBS as a graduate here – but our students gain extensive knowledge in many areas with a specific emphasis on practical learning, meaning they learn directly relevant hard and soft skills as part of their qualification. Not only are they taught how to invest, read the stock market and deliver a watertight business plan, they are also taught how to write CVs, how to present themselves best for interview and are gifted with a weeks’ worth of industry specialised work experience, alongside Digital Marketing & Social Media, Event Management, Advanced IT, Office Management and Personal Career Development.
Unlike a 3-year undergraduate degree timetable, our course is intense with 21-hours of face-to-face teaching time per week and specialised 1:1 time with dedicated tutors, plus graduating after 12 months has its benefits too, one big one being – faster career progression.

Who would it suit?
An ambitious student who is looking to get their foot in the door before their peers or for current graduates who need additional business skills to land that first graduate job.

Come and see us! We are always open to visits at a time that suits you. Explore our website to see if the course is a good fit for you or someone you may know.

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