Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome.

I would like to warmly welcome you to Oxford Media & Business School and I hope this brief tour will encourage you to visit us and learn more about our students and what we offer. 

The atmosphere here at OMBS is warm and supportive with students who enjoy a balance between the intensity of the three term Professional Business Diploma course and the university student lifestyle in the city.

Our ambitions for our students are wide-ranging. As well as acquiring the all-important technical skills we also know that soft skills are equally important. Each year we look forward to seeing our students graduate at the end of the course confident and inspired for their future.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing further my pride in leading this outstanding college.

Andrea Freeman, Principal

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What makes us different

Many colleges, most notably those at university level, deliver training principally through large lectures, often with as many as 200 students at a time.

Whilst this presents few disadvantages to more experienced students who want to study an academic subject in depth, many students would benefit from a greater level of individual attention in a smaller class environment learning practical hands-on-skills essential for effective job performance.

OMBS offers a unique combination of excellent facilities, small class sizes, personal tutors and a relaxed friendly environment.

As a small college we know every student individually and see them grow throughout their time here reaching levels of expertise they never thought they would achieve.  We support them through their academic work as well as their personal experiences.

What we provide our students here at OMBS is the chance to gain the advanced skills they need to tackle that first step of their career. They leave here feeling confident and capable about their future.

A large number of our students come to OMBS because they have heard about what it is like being a student here at college and in Oxford; because one of their family has been before; or because their school has reassured them that this is the right place and the right course for them.

We are lucky to be located in the very heart of Oxford, in St Aldate’s, opposite the beautiful Christ Church Meadow, surrounded by beautiful buildings and historic colleges of the University.

This is a wonderful opportunity to study in Oxford for a year.

Oxford Media & Business School - An outstanding alternative to university

British Accreditation Council (BAC) inspection 2019 report summary states:

The focus of the course and its assessment is to provide training in practical skills rather than theoretical concepts. The course content and its assessment have been designed to ensure the students’ employability. To assist with the design of the course, input into its content to ensure it is fit for purpose is provided by industry representatives, through the close links with employers and recruitment agencies.

The Principal has a strong focus in the students’ welfare and the group tutors also play an important role in ensuring the students feel safe and secure whilst studying on the course. Mock interviews form part of the final term and each student leaves with a job search plan. This aspect of the course is a real strength of OMBS. Students have access to excellent support and advice on career opportunities following graduation from the diploma course“.