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Our aim at Oxford Media & Business School is to ensure our students experience a supportive learning environment whilst studying intensively for a Professional Business Diploma that we know will fast track them into the career they want. 

Unlike university, our students are in tutored classroom environment for over 20 hours a week.  This enables them to focus on learning practical skills that will put them at an advantage in the workplace. 

Our core values are based upon providing the best higher education learning experience that we can offer, with students given individual attention and support in a small business school. 


A Higher Education Course That Is Inspiring & Exciting 

One of our key aims is to inspire and excite young people about the future career they have ahead of them. We do this in a number of ways throughout the academic year with a particular focus on it in the final term. 

Our careers talk series brings weekly speakers into the business school to inspire students about employment and roles in various sectors and industries.

This can range from introductions to our boutique London recruitment agencies who share information about the roles they specialise in recruiting for, to past students and experts working in sectors such as finance, design, startup businesses and media organisations. 

Students hear real career insights from our speakers and can ask questions if they want to find out more about the business or sector they work in. Often our speakers remain in contact with students if there is a specific area of interest. 

In the final term our students head out on a work experience placement for a week, which is always an exciting moment of the course.

Students are placed across a variety of sectors according to what interests them, providing a valuable insight into the world of employment. They can also add this to their CV along with an employer recommendation.  

As the diploma is studied intensively, the terms are packed with learning, assignments, and their extracurricular activities, allowing them to experience an exciting learning journey and enjoy Oxford whilst they are here. 

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We Provide A Caring & Supportive Learning Environment 

Studying for the Professional Business Diploma is very different to attending university. Our students have nominated tutors that they have access to for 1-1 support and group tutor time is scheduled into the timetable every week. 

We get to know each of our students individually and our tutoring staff operate an open-door policy to support students with both academic and personal journeys whilst with us. 

The broad range of skills our students learn and practise, from presenting to verbal and written business communications, means they graduate feeling confident and able for their entry into the workplace.  

We are often emailed by past students after they start employment telling us how useful they are finding the skills learnt with us! 

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Our Students Graduate Feeling Capable & Confident 

Studying for the Professional Business Diploma means our students are equipped with a fantastic set of skills for their entry into employment. 

They graduate with Advanced IT Skills in Microsoft 365 suite, learning over 80 Excel functions (logical, statistical and data validation). They are taught PowerPoint skills to an advanced professional level, mail merge skills in Word and file management skills (SharePoint) with a focus on understanding how to work collaboratively. 

In Business, the learning curriculum includes both communication skills development, investigations into stock markets and the wider business environment with students being challenged to write a report on a FTSE100 company. 

Our Personal Development Planning module often holds lightbulb moments for our students. They gain a real insight into their own personalities to help guide them to the right career.

Students go through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment, learn about Belbin team roles and experience mock interviews to build their confidence for the real world of job searching. 


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The Professional Business Diploma Is a Higher Education Option That Is Innovative And Evolving 

Our close relations with various recruitment specialists (often placing candidates in the City Of London) means that we have a constant communication flow of what skills employers are looking for in young professional candidates.  

Tutors adapt and update the diploma curriculum every year in line with industry and employer preferences and changes. For example, our Digital Marketing and Social Media module is constantly evolving in line with the fast-moving pace of social networks and digital tools.  

New modules have been introduced to the curriculum in recent years. Our Event Management module was introduced in 2022 and is proving to be a highly popular part of the course.  

In Business, the curriculum focuses on what is happening in the moment of current affairs. Students follow topical news stories and understand how press stories about a business can impact the stock market performance.  

At OMBS we strive to deliver the most supportive and engaging learning experience for all our students. Further information about the Professional Business Diploma curriculum can be found here. If you would like to contact us to book a visit, please contact us here. 




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