The realities of working in Australia as a UK graduate

Sun, sand, and sea is appealing to everyone and we know our ambitious students are no exception.

With a long-standing relationship with Australian Recruitment agency, EST10, our students get the opportunity to connect and speak to Australian based agents if they feel a move ‘down under’ is on the cards for them and their future careers.

The Sydney job market is notoriously competitive, so we want to give our graduates as much support and opportunity as possible, so these connections are vital for them.
Speaking with a UK based agent, to pique interest we discuss some of the pros and cons to this giant leap.

“Sydney is a great place to live and work but it’s competitive and if you don’t have your ducks in a row before leaving the UK, it can be a really difficult ride”
That was just one nugget of wisdom shared, we list the rest below:

1. Temping in Aus is easy to come by BUT…

there are lots of jobs out there and if you’re with the right agency it can be a great way to earn while you explore the country. However, reliability is key with temping and if you commit to a temp job, you need to see it through.

2. Whilst there are lots of opportunities…

there are also a lot of people who are willing to get stuck in, so your attitude and connections will serve you well in an oversaturated market.

3. Pack your work clothes in your suitcase!!

it sounds really simple but so many students arrive ready to work with nothing to wear and Sydney is EXPENSIVE! Save your pennies and make space in your luggage!

4. Have your visa sorted before you sign up with an agency…

no Agent will take you on without you sorting this out!

5. Don’t go expecting to be sponsored after your 12 month visa expires…

this doesn’t always happen and can be really disappointing if you’re banking on it. Take your time out there one day at a time, enjoy exploring and work hard. You never know what might happen.


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