A day in the life of a student in Oxford

Wake up at 7:45 am, joking 8:15 am. To all of you who can get up at the exact time your alarm tells you to, I salute you!

Me being me, I already know what I want to wear, mentally ready! Throw that on and dash to the bathroom. Ready to leave at 8:30, for a leisurely walk to college 20-25 minutes give or take.

Breakfast for me is on the go with my morning coffee and croissant. I live in Jericho, the little Paris! With lots of boutique cafés, restaurants and a vintage clothes shop. On the way to college from Jericho I walk past Oxford colleges, the Oxford Press, Jericho Café (hosts the best comedy night), Illyria pottery and loads more.  At college a quick hello to Sarah, receptionist, PA, parcel collector and general superhero.

First lesson, Office Skills led by Sarah Hocking (different Sarah) and then we have Andrea (the Principal) who helps us with Personal Development. I was lucky before I started OMBS that I kind of knew the industry I wanted to be in, but some people in my class they didn’t have a clue. Andrea helps with that and also gives you the Myers Briggs test which allows you to see what kind of person you are. I am an ENFJ. I’ll wait until you’ve done the Myers Briggs before I tell you what that means.

When lessons are over it’s nice to get home. Since moving here I’ve wanted to get involved in Oxford life, so a gym workout and then a quick change, and off to the comedy night at the Jericho Café. The things you can do in Jericho is amazing. There is the Phoenix, a tiny cinema which is perfect for mainstream and quirky films. It’s like a little town in itself.

Anyway, comedy show over and Varsity is calling! Roof top bar, unmissable, especially with the view; it’s Tuesday so cocktails are 2 for 1.  A beautifully warm walk home, and town is busy when it gets hot – everyone heads to Port Meadow, a place which you kind of cannot believe exists so close to the city. Narrow canal boats, sit on the river close by, horses and cows walk around freely, whilst people play football, drink tinnies and socialise together. Oxford is pure magic.

Oxford Media and Business School - Jericho Cafe

Oxford Media and Business School - Port Meadow

Oxford Media and Business School - Canal Boat

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