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What an amazing time to be watching the world of global investments!

In our Business classes, the students have been working on a major share report project. For 4 months they have been following a FTSE100-listed PLC. The companies being followed are in a variety of sectors, from Energy to Retail to Media. Burberry, Shell, Rightmove, Sainsbury’s and ITV provide an example of the kind of companies the students are researching. Each student has chosen a company that they are particularly interested in or one that they know little about which increases the challenge.

Over the next few weeks students will continue to track share prices, and the movements of the FTSE100 index, and try to relate those movements to what is happening in the economy, the country, or in their chosen company.

Students have been preparing a section of the report looking at their company’s background – what is their history, what products and services do they provide, who is running the company?

Companies such as Ocado food, Flybe and British Airways, travel companies, construction, retail and major infrastructure projects have experienced a massive shock to their share prices since the project started in January which adds an interesting level of excitement to the project!

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