Ghost hunting, city exploring and a pint in one of the city’s finest hostelries.

OMBS students from Group 4 and Business tutor Peter Madams were guided through the dark, chilly and ghoulish back streets of Oxford by official Oxford guide and author, Rob Walters.

Group 4 students had been discussing for a while the prospect of an arranged OMBS activity, or a small trip somewhere. Skiing in the alps was a firm favourite, however considering the term is drawing to a close a trip across the channel wasn’t really feasible, SOHO Farmhouse was also mentioned – our students were definitely thinking big. However, Business tutor Peter and our Group 4 students, had other (just as exciting some might say) plans for his group and arranged for an evening ghost hunting around the city of spires. A dark yet (thankfully) dry Tuesday evening, our students gathered in a dark corner of the city for an evening full of spooky tales and adventure, Peter explains:

“This was no ordinary city tour, but a ghost tour, and featured phantom stories about kings and paupers, mistresses and college professors.

With a history dating over 1000 years, and a number of buildings just as old, it is no surprise that Oxford is a city famous for hauntings. The city’s resident ghosts include King Charles I, Oscar Wilde, George Napier, King Henry II’s mistress and multiple monks, with the spirits supposedly finding refuge in various Oxford colleges, churches and Oxford Castle and Prison.

No ghost tour would be complete without a spontaneous and involuntary scream, and Group 4 duly obliged. No known recording of this moment exists but it is now etched into their memory forever more. After all that screaming, we all regained our composure in one of Oxford’s fine hostelries.

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