Why not consider this excellent alternative to university?

We prepare ambitious students with the advanced skills they need to launch their career in whichever role, within any business sector.

Students choose to study the one year Professional Business Diploma as

  • an excellent alternative to university if they want to start their career within three terms rather than three years;
  • a great Gap Year option;
  • a valuable an extra course after graduation to add value to their degree.

Students taking the Professional Business Diploma learn the valuable advanced workplace skills that employers are looking for and increasingly need. The Diploma, previously named the Executive PA Diploma, is a comprehensive, intensive course with an excellent pass rate and a 100% interview success rate, unprecedented in the UK.

By far the most attractive aspect of studying at OMBS is living the university student lifestyle in Oxford for a year. Our students live in our own college houses and socialise with friends they make here with us and at other colleges in the city.

Andrea Freeman

Why the name change?

From September 2019 the Executive PA Diploma will be renamed to the Professional Business Diploma.


The new title better reflects the course content and our students' future career paths. It has become clear that our students are planning careers within many different roles rather than just the role of Executive PA.

Andrea Freeman