Staying Sane, Safe and Focused by OMBS Head of IT, Amber Canty

We shine the torch on mental health in this post. 2020 has certainly been an unprecedented time to live in and as a College we have been adding extra care and attention to our students and their wellbeing. Principal, Andrea Freeman, is passionate about looking after the mind and self. As an educator of PDP, she knows that to be an effective worker, you must be taking care from the inside.

Leading from the top, OMBS tutors have been building wellness into their communications with their students. Below Amber our Head of IT and Personal Tutor of Group 2 shares her 6 points for keeping sane during lockdown 2.0.

  1. Self-reflect: Never be afraid to ask for help, listen to your mind and body and be honest about how you are feeling. If you are struggling, I advise to stay away from things that make you feel low or anxious, such as alcohol and try to increase the amount of sleep you are getting – sleep is so important for regulating our moods.
  2. Take a stroll: When not in lessons get out in the fresh air and daylight as much as you can, it is a proven mood booster – Oxford is the perfect City for this. The university parks remain open, take a good book and have some down time.
  3. Get zen: Have a go at mindfulness, this doesn’t have to be meditation but something you love that calms you. Take a moment to focus on your breathing and re-centre yourself. I love a home spa treatment or pop a podcast on and just enjoy it.
  4. Exercise: There’s a reason Joe Wicks did so well in the first lockdown! Try to stay fit and healthy and move your body. Lots of gyms are offing free classes on Instagram, Amazon Prime have free videos such as Zumba, the roads are super quite at the moment so maybe go for a run or walk, I am using the couch to 5K app to help motivate me. Exercise releases endorphins which will make you feel great and keep you focused!
  5. Get cooking: Cooking fresh food helps with staying fit and healthy – fuel from the inside! Bread making (not in a bread maker) is a great way to relive stress, you can take all of your frustrations out on the dough when kneading – it also will fill your college house of amazing aromas!
  6. Routine: Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, have a routine. Think carefully about your working hours and try to stick to them. I did not do this at the start of the pandemic and made myself poorly as a result.

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