Dates & Fees

A registration fee of £100 is payable at the point of enrolment.  After enrolment in the January prior to the start of the course a £1,000 enrolment fee will be due.  This is deductible from the first term’s fees, as a course advance, in order to secure a student’s place on the course.  The course advance is not transferable to a future year.  A separate £300 accommodation deposit, where applicable, is payable in August at the time of the first term fees. The information below is correct at the time of publishing; however the college reserves the right to alter course dates and fees at its discretion.

Term Dates

2023/2024 –  Current Academic Year

Autumn term – Monday 25 September – Friday 15 December 2023

Autumn half term – Friday 3 November – Monday 6 November 2023

Spring term – Monday 8 January – Wednesday 27 March 2024

Spring half term – Friday 16 February – Monday 19 February 2024

Summer term – Monday 15 April until Wednesday 3 July 2024

Summer half term – Friday 24 May until Monday 27 May 2024


Graduation – Wednesday 3rd July



Tuition fees                              Per Term

Professional Business Diploma – 2023/2024                  £4,346


We are also able to offer the following types of accommodation:

Student House – 2023/2024

  • Self-catering £2,800 per term
  • Self-catering ensuite* £3,100 per term
  • Self-catering Jericho area £3,250 per term
  • Self-catering Jericho area ensuite* £3,350 per term

*Please note we have limited availability for ensuite rooms.

We have a selection of houses from 10 to 20 minutes’ walk from the college.  Fees are inclusive of all service bills (light, heat and maintenance but not including the internet) on a self-catering basis.  Students enter a contract for the entire length of the course. Each student pays a damage deposit of £300 which is refunded at the end of the course minus any charges applied for damage to the property.  Fees are payable termly in advance.

How to Pay

Tuition and Accommodation fees are payable in advance prior to the start of each term.

The methods of payment are:

  • Banker’s Draft (payable to OMBS)
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Bank Transfer

When making transactions it is essential to quote student name and number at all times.

Fees are due: first term by 31 August, second term by 15 December and third term by 15 March.

Please contact Sarah Badger, Registrar, if you require further details –

Some parents choose to use the School Fee PlanOxford Media and Business School - School Fee Plan