I chose OMBS because I wanted a more rounded education after school than university could provide.

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Thank you for your kind words of wisdom and teaching over the year!  You have been a great role model and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into making this course fantastic.  I have had a great year at OMBS and will be sure to stay in touch!


The past 9 months have gone by so quickly!  I have had such a wonderful experience at OMBS.  I never thought I would experience 'uni life' and I certainly did in Oxford.  I have had the most amazing time and making friends for life and skills, I will never forget.  What I have learnt at OMBS has made me realise that I can go out into the wide world and get the job I want.  I feel I have achieved so much this past year and I am very sad that it is all over.  Thank you so much again.


Best Year...Thank you so so so much for the best year ever.  It has really been the best year of my life.  I have made friends forever and learnt the best skills.  I have been working for my dad, who runs an estate agents, over the summer and I realised how confident I have grown.  I used to always be scared of answering the phone in front of everyone and now it does not bother me at all.  Thank you for all your support and thank you to all the teachers too, who are the most loveliest bunch of teachers I have ever had.


I would like to thank you for this year here at OMBS.  I have learnt more than I ever thought I would, been given endless opportunities, heard amazing talks and also made wonderful friends for life.  I think I have really grown up this year and feel prepared and excited for my future as I think I now have a good chance of really making a difference and impact thanks to you and all the other teachers here.  This course has really shaped me, thanks again!


The best decision I made was coming to OMBS after not going to uni.  I feel proud of my achievements for the first time throughout my education.  I have grown so much over the past year in confidence and can’t thank OMBS enough for the opportunity here.  I chose OMBS as an alternative to uni and this has taught me more than any uni could have  The course has developed so many skills I didn’t have before which would be invaluable to any job.  A job which I got and it is the best job I could have asked for!  I couldn’t fault anything about this course.  I have made lifelong, amazing friends and am so proud of what I have achieved.  I will never forget what this course has done for me after many negative years through my education, so thank you!


The course has allowed me to develop numerous practical skills that I can transfer to the work place, no matter what industry.  The course has also allowed me to build self-confidence! 


I chose OMBS because I wanted a more rounded education after school than university could provide,  I wanted to do something that would set me up for the workplace so I did not have to worry about unemployment or taking a second rate job.


I can now apply for jobs which I could never have done before.  This is exciting and I feel ready to tackle the workplace.  This course covers so much in a short period of time and is excellently executed.  I would definitely recommend!