The best decision I made was coming to OMBS after not going to uni. I feel proud of my achievements for the first time throughout my education.

Introducing the staff at OMBS

Andrea Freeman

Andrea became the Principal of Oxford Media & Business School in July 2005.  Her association with the College goes back a long way with previous roles ranging from Head of Communications to Programme Manager to Head of Recruitment.

After studying Education at university Andrea has spent her entire career in Education and Training, specialising in Communication and Presentation Skills including Personal and Career Development.  In addition to teaching Andrea has worked for numerous examination boards as an Examiner and Principal Moderator as well as writing various articles for business magazines.  Andrea has also co-authored a student’s text book on word processing.  She is a qualified Myers Briggs consultant delivering the MBTI programme to all her students and an NVQ Assessor and Internal verifier. 

Andrea is also a governor at a local independent co-educational senior school.

OMBS Staff

Jeff Bethray, Sally Timberlake, Sarah Hocking, Peter Madams, Andrea Freeman, Angela Liddiard, Sarah Badger, Doreen Coultas, David Hooper and Alison Bloomfield.