I can now apply for jobs which I could never have done before. This is exciting and I feel ready to tackle the workplace.

Sport and Leisure

Where to start other than with the mention of punting; something which is synonymous with Oxford!  There are several companies in Oxford that rent punts throughout the summer and if you are not feeling brave they have crew on hand to man the punt for you.  From the punt you can see the beautiful Christ Church Meadows which is a particular lunch hot spot for OMBS students on sunny days. 

Nearby can be found the Oxford Botanic Gardens.  In the South of Oxford is the Hinksey outdoor pool just off the Abingdon Road while near to the Jericho area is Port Meadow, 440 acres of grazing land.  For those of you who are keen on keeping fit just round the corner from the College is the PURE gym and also an ice rink.  In addition why not join a tennis, rugby, rowing or hockey club as Oxford is host to them all and many more?