The past 9 months have gone by so quickly! I have had such a wonderful experience at OMBS. I never thought I would experience 'uni life' and I certainly did in Oxford.

Train for an exciting career in business

From September 2019 we are renaming our Executive PA Diploma to the Professional Business Diploma. The course content is the same but the new name better reflects the varied opportunities and career paths of our graduates rather than them working exclusively as a PA. 

The Professional Business Diploma is a unique course renowned as the ultimate training for students who are looking for a fast track into an exciting career within any role in any business sector within just 3 terms rather than 3 years at university.

A week long work experience is another key part of this course which takes place during the third term.  Work experience can be organised in London or Oxford or the student may wish to organise this themselves nearer to home.  Many of our students secure job offers from this week.

Course Content

Information Technology:

We are aware that all our students can use a computer before they join OMBS, but they need a far more advanced level for the business world.  We make sure they leave us with Advanced Microsoft Office skills in all packages (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint) and with an excellent keyboarding speed – our current record is 120 wpm. Training is given on PCs providing experience of networked computer environments.  Students learn how to produce business documentation such as reports, presentations, and spreadsheets as well as develop and handle databases effectively and electronic diaries and events management. 

Business Communications: 

Written, verbal and non-verbal communications including presentation skills, business correspondence, press releases, reports and meeting documentation. Also included are video and teleconferencing.

Digital Marketing:

Companies are always reviewing their marketing strategy and include digital platforms as part of the marketing mix.  We take a detailed look at all digital marketing activity including viral and video marketing, blogging, social media, search engine optimisation. PPC, online advertising and analytics.

Business Environment:

This module provides the student with the knowledge of the business world and the office skills necessary for effective business and personal administration.  The students are required to complete a FTSE 100 share project as well as to understand the external business environment and organisation in addition to the focus on internal office management.

Management Information Systems:

This subject studies the opportunities and strategic advantages that an enlightened business will gain from using its technology correctly.

Fast note taking: 

A valuable skill for taking notes in conferences and minutes of meetings and a huge asset in all aspects of the working office.   Transcription and Audio Transcription is also a key part of this module.

Personal and Career Placement Support:

All students follow a personal job search programme which includes learning styles, team building, Myers Briggs personality profiling, CV analysis, interview technique and help with the job application process.  Students are introduced to recruitment agencies and companies as a means of securing employment.  

Entry Requirements

A-Levels or equivalent.

The entry qualifications should be read as a guide. If you do not have the exact requirements indicated above or are unsure where your qualifications fit into this scheme please do talk to us.


From September 2019 - Oxford Media & Business School Professional Business Diploma with Distinction Honours, Distinction, Merit or Pass. (This course was previously named the Executive PA Diploma).