I chose OMBS because I wanted a more rounded education after school than university could provide.

What our employers say


"I approached Andrea Freeman, Principal of Oxford Media & Business School, to recruit an assistant in the Chairman/CEO's office at the insurer Lloyd's of London. Knowing her students so well she specifically approached certain students she considered to be most suitable for the role. We were very impressed with one student at interview and since joining us some 3 months ago, we have discovered she has been extremely well trained. Her IT skills, telephone manner, commonsense and general enthusiasm and willingness to put her hand to any task are brilliant.

The School has given her the opportunity to work at a very senior level within a well-known and very established City environment and we hope that we shall give her further insights as to how an office runs, to add to her already considerable skills. We are very pleased to have employed her and I would recommend the College to any employer looking for highly trained, intelligent, competent employees." 

Personal Assistant to Lord Levene - Chairman, Lloyd's - former Lord Mayor of London

"I wanted then to congratulate you on the excellent job you are clearly doing for those students who want to develop their career. I have just employed one of your recent graduates and the factors for me that tipped the scale in her favour were that: 

  • her time spent with you clearly demonstrated a willingness and commitment on her part to invest in her own personal development, something I shall encourage her to continue 
  • it was also clear that you had provided her with a solid and realistic grounding in the use of technology particularly office applications; an appreciation of the workplace and what would be required of her; and the role of the web and social media in business today. 

This I am sure gave her the confidence to present herself exceptionally well at the interview and will certainly save me at least 12 months training in time let alone the cost that would have been. If she is typical of your graduates I would urge any employer receiving a CV from an OMBS graduate to put possible concerns about experience aside and give them an interview. I think employers will be pleasantly surprised". 
Managing Director of a finance investment company in London