The past 9 months have gone by so quickly! I have had such a wonderful experience at OMBS. I never thought I would experience 'uni life' and I certainly did in Oxford.

About Us

The College has a long history of producing first class students who very quickly move up the career ladder.

OMBS was originally called St Aldates Secretarial College, which was formed in 1976, and expanded rapidly moving from George Street to Rose Place in the centre of Oxford.

In January 1999 the College acquired Mrs Thomsett's Secretarial College and merged with the Oxford and County Business College (fondly remembered as the "Ox and Cow"). Founded in 1936 the Oxford and County Secretarial College was a prestigious secretarial school for young women located in St Giles.

This merger gave the college the opportunity to re-brand under the new name of Oxford Media & Business School offering the Executive PA Diploma. 

Recognising the trends

From September 2019 the course was renamed to the Professional Business Diploma to better reflect the course content and the students' future career paths. It became clear that students were planning careers within many different roles rather than just the role of Executive PA.

The British Accreditation Council

Oxford Media & Business School is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent and Further and Higher Education.

In May 2014 the College recieved excellent inspection results from BAC. The summary of the Institute's Strengths were detailed as:

"Highly skilled, enthusiastic and experienced Principal and administrative staff. Subject content and learning opportunities are based on current industrial and commercial needs. Excellent air-conditioned teaching accommodation, latest facilities and online resources. Excellent website and full use of IT for teaching, administration and records. Close relationships with employment agencies, industry and commerce to place all graduate students in employment with good career prospects. Well equipped, attractive new premises, with enhanced accommodation for students, staff and tutors."